photography as a contemplative practice

Saturday, August 5, 1-4 PM @ Klum House Workshop - $25


What if, instead of pulling us into an endless scroll of news and updates, the smart phones we carry around all day could actually help us connect more deeply with the present moment? What if we could use that little camera in our pocket as a tool for cultivating wonder and appreciation rather than distraction?

In this 3-hour workshop, we will delve deep into these questions, working to reframe our relationship with our camera phones, examine our habits, and widen our perspectives. Most of the time, we walk around hardly noticing our surroundings at all. Creatures of habit and hurry, we naturally filter out much of our visual world. But with a little practice and conscious intention, we can learn to use photography as a contemplative practice, broadening the scope of our awareness and polishing the lens through which we see the ordinary world.

Through group discussion, reflective writing, and a short meandering walk through the neighborhood, we will practice seeing the everyday world in fresh new ways. Paying close attention to our surroundings, we will let curiosity and intuition be our guides. We will also consider principles of visual design, such as shape, line, pattern, texture, and light, and the ways that contemplative photography can help inform our other art and design practices.

You don’t need to go on an exotic vacation or spend a fortune on a camera to take beautiful photos. You only need to pause and pay attention. Everyday life is rich with magic.  

This workshop includes an original zine workbook by artist and teacher Ellen Julia Brown. Please bring your own camera or camera phone. No previous experience necessary.


Saturday, August 26, 11 AM - 1:30 PM @ Klum House Workshop - $65


Join local artist Ellen Julia Brown for a 3-hour, hands-on workshop to learn the basics of cyanotype sun printing. You will learn the cyanotype process from start to finish—including with how to mix your own chemicals, coat materials with photosensitive emulsion, and create a series of original prints on fabric and paper. We'll experiment with a variety of printing materials, from plants and small objects to drawings and paper cuts. Come experience this modern twist on a traditional photographic process!