Hi, I'm Ellen. I'm a photographer, textile designer, and maker in Portland, Oregon.


My work is a collaboration with the natural world. I am an aficionado of shadows and tree bark and fallen leaves. In my opinion, paint splatters on the sidewalk can be as beautiful as a Jackson Pollock, crop fields from the window of an airplane as lovely as a Mondrian.

For me, wandering around with a camera is a form of meditation. I can’t help but notice patterns and textures everywhere I go. Whether it’s through a bustling marketplace, a hiking trail lined with Douglas-firs, or a quick trip to the store, my awareness shifts, and the most ordinary of scenes becomes fresh and unfamiliar.

Each of my pieces is a portable, functional work of art, blurring the lines between fine art and craft, abstraction and realism, the poetic and the mundane. A tangible reminder to slow down, look closer, and notice the beauty surrounds.

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"Art is as deep and high and wide as the universe. 
There is nothing but art, if you look at it properly."



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