Behind the cotton wool is hidden a pattern; that we—I mean all human beings—are connected with this; that the whole world is a work of art
— Virginia Woolf


"I like to think of my textile work as a collaboration with the natural world. I am an aficionado of shadows and tree bark and fallen leaves. In my opinion, paint splatters on the sidewalk can be as beautiful as a Jackson Pollock, crop fields from the window of an airplane as lovely as a Mondrian."




These images reframe the modern art and fashion worlds in a sweeping anthropological and environmental context, opening up new realms of possibility, and causing us to question much that we take for granted. Why is it that I wake up in the morning and paint mascara on my eyelashes, staining my cheeks with blush? Why do I cover my body with these particular clothes? Does it have to be this way? What if I woke up in the morning and painted polka dots on my face instead? Just because I felt like it. Just because why not? At the very least, it seems worthwhile to wonder.

This is what humans have been doing for thousands of years, in all places and times throughout history: adorning our bodies, our homes, and our belongings with color and pattern, reinterpreting the world around us through our own art and design, and following our creative whims for reasons we can’t quite articulate, simply because doing so brings us joy.