Light Waves Scarf, Small

Light Waves Scarf, Small


In the evenings, sunlight pours through the west-facing windows of my house, refracted by hundred-year-old panes, casting an incredible light show on the opposite wall. It makes rippling ribbons of light, like waves on the surface of a swimming pool.

This scarf is light, airy, and silky soft. Sling it over your shoulder or use it as a floaty head scarf. For best results, combine with sunshine and gentle breeze.

  • 14" x 80"
  • 30% silk, 70% cotton
  • digitally printed with water soluble inks 
  • rolled hem on all edges

The color is slightly darker on one side than the other. 

These scarves are printed, cut, and hemmed to order. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.

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